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Adele’s Hello “mwen pa gen lajan” (Haitian Parody) by Alize

Alizé is a Haitian artist born in Haiti and raised in Orlando,Florida. You may have seen him performed on BET’s 106&park or working with Haiti’s own Wyclef Jean.

 I joined the United States Army because I wanted to serve. Now, I want to get back to what I’m really passionate about and that’s creating music. Me and my team (A-Team Music) decided to do a cover to Adele’s song because I wanted to put my own spin on it and talk about what most of us Haitians have experienced at some point or another. Although in the song I talk about not having money, I have high hopes that I will in the near future so I can take back home to Haiti and take care of my people. All my Haitian people! God Bless

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