Haiti Haitian American L'union Suite 5 Years

Travel To Haiti With L’union Suite For Our 5th Year Anniversary Dec. 1st – 4th


October 2011, I made the decision to follow my heart and passion and start “L’union Suite” three months later I partnered up with my friend Lawrence & introduced “The Haitian American Facebook Page.” On October 1st, we planned on announcing and celebrating our 5th year anniversaries but Hurricane Matthew happened and change our plan of action so we decided to spend the last month focusing on giving back and making sure we were a part of the Relief efforts in Haiti.

After 5 years of your support, while building our Haitian Social Media Powerhouses and going back and forth to Haiti, we are going to celebrate and end the year in our favorite country with our favorite people by offering you the opportunity to experience Haiti with us!!!!!

We have joined forces With Diaspora Excursions for an explosive 4 DAYS • ALL INCLUSIVE • AT DECAMERON Haiti which includes visiting one of my favorite Orphanages and we can’t wait to take you with us!!!


  • 4 Day/3 Night Escapade at Haiti’s most popular all-inclusive resort.
  • Package Starting at $450.00  | $100.00 Deposit Required
  • All-Inclusive:  Room, Food, Drinks, Entertainment, Excursions, and Bus Travel All Included
  • Plane tickets are sold separately.
  • Laughs, beautiful beachfront property, sightseeing all while helping Haiti’s local businesses and supporting Mission of Grace Haiti charity.
  • Bring All White For L’union Suite 5th Year Anniversary All White Party.
  • Haitian American Productions Comedians Live performance
  • For more information please call 502-530-1804.

This event is brought to you by Diaspora Excursions, Haitian American Productions, PushNation, The Louis Law Firm, PLLC, Consulat d’Haiti à Orlando, Royal Decameron Resort Haiti, L’union Suite and Ministère du Tourisme d’Haïti (Haiti Tourism). Learn more about the collaborating organizations here: Mission Of Grace Haiti | PUSH Nation


When is the trip? You will be arriving on Thursday, December 1st, 2016 to Port-Au-Prince (PAP) International Airport, and depart on Sunday, December 4th, 2016?

Is flight included on this trip? Flight is not included in this package. However, we’d be more than happy to help you find great rates online for roundtrip tickets. We’ve had success in helping people book their flights, finding super deals.

What is included on this trip? Your package includes 4 Days / 3 Nights Resort stay, Transfer, Security, Unlimited Meals, Unlimited Beverages, Networking Event, Beach Party, Variety of Excursions, All White Dinner Party with Special Guests, Optional trip to Mission of  Grace Orphanage, Live Comedy Show by Haitian-American Productions and After Party and more.

What does “based on double occupancy” mean? Each room is set to have two people

What if I’m traveling alone? Is there single occupancy? Does my rate change? Single travelers will have the option of reviewing a profile and being placed with another person in a double occupancy room. We are not offering single occupancy rooms at this time. Single travelers will still pay the same package cost. The room is only part of the package, the additional amenities still have to be paid for.

What time will the Charter Bus pick us up from the airport? Two buses will be leaving the airport at two different times. One bus is leaving at 12:00pm, the second bus will be leaving at 4:00pm.

Which night will Haitian-American Productions be performing? They are performing on Saturday, December 3rd, 2016.

I heard that the founder of L’union Suite will be attending this trip. Is that so? Yes! We’re excited that Mrs. Wanda Tima-Gilles will be joining us to celebrate the 5th year Anniversary of L’union Suite. This celebration will take place the second night, December 2nd at the All White Dinner Party.

Can I arrange for a rental car? We can definitely coordinate rental access for you while in Haiti. However, you will be responsible for your arrival to the resort. Security is only available for those that ride the bus. Please email us at diasporaexcursions@gmail.com if you would like to coordinate reserving a rental car. We advise traveling with the group if you are not familiar with the local roads.

Can I leave the property once I arrive at the resort? You are free to come and go as you please. We simply ask that you sign a waiver stating so since we won’t have the manpower to monitor you once you leave the property.

Are alcohol beverages included in my package? Yes. All drinks are included and unlimited.

How many times can I eat on the property? When is the latest time that I can eat? You can eat as many times as you’d like, from a variety of Haitian cuisines and familiar dishes from home. There are several restaurants on property starting as early as 7:00am and as late as 11:00pm. Bars and lounges are open all day, and until 3:00am for drinks.

What time will the bus take me back to the airport? Once you book your package we will ask for your flight itinerary and coordinate for the bus to take you back early enough for your flight.

How do I go on the Mission of Grace Orphanage trip? When booking your package we will ask you if you’d like to visit the orphanage. If you select yes, you’ll receive further instructions of the details from that day.

I’m not interested in going to the orphanage, what do I do? It’s completely okay for you to remain at the resort during the orphanage trip. There’re several additional excursions that you can choose from, and the resort has a list of activities/amenities you can enjoy.

I would like to do something for the Haiti Relief, do you have anything planned? A portion of the proceeds from the trip is going to the orphanage. We also have a group of medical professionals joining us on the trip just so that they can treat the children at the orphanage.

I’m a medical professional, or I know a medical professional that would like to assist with treating the children at the orphanage. How can I/they sign up to participate? That’s great! We need all the help we can get. Please email us at diasporaexcursions@gmail.com so that we can coordinate to have you/them join the team.

I’d like to add to the donation of medical supplies going to Mission of Grace Orphanage. How can I do that? Please email diasporaexcursions@gmail.com so that we can coordinate to deliver the medical supplies. Thank you in advance!

Can we expect to see Public Figures during the trip? Yes, we have some special surprises and special guests lined up to meet with you.

Watch L’union Suite’s Previous Trip to Decameron, Haiti, April 2016.

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