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Wanda Tima-Gilles is a wife, blogger, vlogger and media maven.  In October 2011, Wanda started “L’union Suite”, a Haitian-American blog dedicated to highlighting positive and uplifting stories about Haitian living abroad from celebrities to every day heroes.  December 2011, Wanda co-founded “The Haitian-American” – the Facebook page quickly grew to over 100k fans while averaging 5 Million views weekly. In 2015, Wanda  developed “L’union Haitian Professional” directory. The site is a welcome home environment for Haitian Professionals. 

Wanda has long realized the need for a better Haiti, and she realized that the solution starts with each one of us. With blogs and posts going viral, she became known as the unofficial Haitian ambassador.

Marc Joseph is a Husband and Father of 2 and Financial Analyst by trade with an MBA in Finance. As an entrepreneur and investment aficionado, his passion for Haitian history and economics have driven ventures in Haiti as well as the US.  He seeks to improve the economic conditions of his business partners by providing opportunities that will bring about long term sustainable sources of income. Through patients, respect, perseverance, and raw passion he seeks to make a deep impact in his community as well as the world around him.
Sabrina Altine is a 23 year-old travel vlogger based out of Miami,FL who inspires to become an advocate for conscious living through traveling. In hopes of inspiring others to do the same, Sabrina lunched the HelloAltine Youtube Channel with over 30,000 views. She also founded blog; a safe space to help others live freely.  Sabrina, is a recent graduate of Florida A&M University with a degree in Public Relations, with the future of becoming an entertainment attorney. 

Mindy Clarke a first generation Haitian-Bajan American and recent communications graduate of Florida State University, with hopes of being an Attorney. She has worked with various non-profit organizations to promote and protect human rights and to combat issues in communities that plague minorities.

During her down time she’s listening to Hip-Hop’s greatest MCs, from Jay-Z to Lauryn Hill to Jade Smith, just to name a few. Hip-Hop has been instrumental in her life since Missy Elliot’s “Miss E… So addictive” also the first album she’s owned. She describes Hip-Hop as her outlet and credits Hip-Hop to who she is today. Her motto is “Females are the Future” and hopes to use the arts and her voice to change the world.

Shakyra Chrysostome is Miami native and CEO of L.O.U.D District Marketing, LLC (LD) an event production and Public Relations Company. She has directed campaigns related to product launches, event marketing, community-building initiatives, and non-profits, among others. Chrysostome believes it is imperative for public relations professionals to help promote a better understanding of the value and importance public relations serves. Through LD Shakyra hopes to develop a new Miami, activating experiences that will help to foster growth through economic sustainability and revive the artistic elements of the City.

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