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Enter to Win Tickets to The Friendship Cup : Jamaica -vs-Haiti Soccer Match : May 16th


Don Bosco is a Haitian football club, located in Pétionville which is about 10 Kilometers from Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The club won their first Haitian championship in 1971, and second in 2003, winning the league’s Ouverture.

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Little Haiti Book Festival, June 2020


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Diaspora Community Services

Diaspora Community Services

Diaspora Community Services is a community based non-profit organization dedicated to providing social support and empowerment opportunities to families and individuals in North and Central Brooklyn. They strive to maximize our community’s abilities to succeed through various means of health promotion, family supportive services, and advocacy.

921 B East New York Avenue,
Brooklyn, NY 11203
718-399-0200/FAX: 718-399-0360


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