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Karen Civil & Rihanna in Stella Jean’s Mix Print Shirt Dress

karen and rihanna

Over the weekend Karen Civil traveled to Haiti to celebrate her birthday and attend the opening of her Live Civil playground. During her visit she wore a Haitian-Italian  Stella Jean Printed dress. Yesterday Rihanna also posted a few pictures on her instagram wearing the same $875 dress to the white house.

Both ladies opted for black footwear, with Karen in pumps and Rihanna in Manolo Blahnik Chaos sandals. Karen also added a belt to accentuate her waist. The cotton/viscose dress has mixed patterns and a close fit. – Fashionbombdaily


I think both of the ladies look fabulous so this is not a who wore it better post, this is simply a “I love this dress even more now, and wish i could afford it” post.

2 Karen Civil's Haiti Live Civil Playground Groundbreaking Stella Jean Panelled Printed Shirt Dress

9 Karen Civil vs. Rihanna in Stella Jean's Mix Print Shirt Dress

Karen Civil's Haiti Live Civil Playground Stella Jean Panelled Printed Shirt Dress



Would you pay over $800.00 for this dress?

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