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LiveCivil: College French Class Creates Special Children’s Books For Schools In Haiti


Inspiration can come from many places. Often, it’s something simple that catches your eye and your curiosity, sparking new thinking or a flash of insight, while we love to highlight tourism or the wonderful dishes of Haiti, we try to keep you inspired with positive stories like this one posted on our Haitian American sister Karen Civil, Live Civil site.

Live Civil:

The need to help people is evident, especially when it comes to children, and for a group of students at the Randolph-Macon College in Ashland, VA, that sentiment is strong.

According to USA Today, a French class at RMC started an initiative deemed Little French Books in order to provide children’s books for an underprivileged school in Haiti. The campaign, led by professor Jennifer Shotwell, is put in place to help the children of Haiti be able to fluently speak French, the language required for students to advance in school in Haiti. – Continue Reading Here

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  • Mrs. Wanda,
    I am so honored that you and the Live Civil authors posted our story. It is inspiring to me to hear that our project has had a positive impact not only on the children of Lascahobas, but also on people here in the U.S. I know there is some controversy over whether French should be the language of instruction in schools, and whether all books should be in French. I respect the advancement of Kreyòl, as well, and would love for our books to also be translated into this language. For both languages, I have seen a lack of books that are age-appropriate and fun for various levels, and that is what I would like to change.

    For now, we want to give kids a fun gift which hopefully provides them insight into a culture and people different from their own, and we want them to recognize that we are connected by a language. I know that speaking French in school and Kreyòl at home is challenging, but when I presented the books to all those grateful, enthusiastic children, I emphasized that French is a language which both my students and they can learn, if they stick with it and find the beauty in it. My goal is to supply them and their teachers with additional resources that might make teaching and language-learning more enjoyable.

    I welcome comments and ideas from your readers at littlefrenchbooks@hotmail.com. Mèsi anpil!

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