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  • I am a New York based fashion designer looking for opportunities to venture on my own.
    I am really interested in participating in L.A. Fashion Week 2016.
    What is the participation fee?
    What is required to be considered for the show?
    What is provided by the show?


    • Hello Ms. Francois,

      Please contact us as we are now getting ready for NY, L.A and Dubai fashion week for the upcoming 2015-2016 fashion weeks

      I am looking forward to speaking with you soon

      Thank you #LunionSuite for your continued service in our community

      Best regards,

      Gueline M. Jozef

  • I am a young HAITIAN designer from CT who’s currently working on my clothing line which will be launching for the spring !! I would love to be part of the show

  • I am a young HAITIAN designer from CT who’s currently working on my clothing line which will be launching for the spring !! I would love to be part of the show I would like to know more about the show

      • Hello,
        How are you ?
        Thanks for the email notification, and yes I would love to participate. Please let me know the details of the show, all that will be needed from me to be part !! Hope to speak with you soon !!
        Thank you
        God Bless

  • Thank you Mrs Wanda and the LunionSuite team. “A Night With Haiti” Was a huge success. We had a record breaking with over 1300 attendees on our show.
    Our goal is to represent Haiti on the highest stages. Thank you for your interest to participate on the next season of “A Night With Haiti” both at the Style Fashion Week L.A and the New York Fashion Week.
    We are working diligently to get everything ready and we will send you more information as soon as possible.
    “Anpil Men Chay a Lou”

    Best regards,
    Guerline M. Jozef

    • Thank you !’ I’m happy to hear that everything went well.. I look forward to hearing from you and for more info.
      God Bless

      • Hi Vallery!

        My name is Catherine and I am from the CLASA of the University of Pittsburgh. CLASA is the Caribbean and Latin American Student Association. We promote diversity and cultural awareness in support of an important minority in the Pittsburgh, PA area. This upcoming school year we are planning on having our second annual fashion show to display the bright and uplifting colors of the Caribbean and Latin America.

        I am contacting today to find out if you have any interest in participation. The clothes will be returned to you at the end of the show. We are a small club trying to make our impression on a large school and would gladly accept any assistance you can offer. You would of course be acknowledged and it is a great opportunity to reach out to a younger American demographic. The show is scheduled for November 20, 2015.

        Please email me back at pittclasa@gmail.com with any questions you have and if you are interested!

        Thank you for you time.

        • Hello Catherine,
          How are you ? My name is Vallery St Phard. I am the Founder of WZDM. I received your email regarding the annual fashion show at the University of Pittsburg. I am honored to be considered for this opportunity. I would love to participate and be part. And I would also love to be there and bring some of the products to be featured on the show. Please send me more details about the show and any further information needed to attend.
          I look forward to hear from you.
          Thank you
          God Bless,


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