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Too Hot For Haiti: Harmonik’s “Illegal” Music Video Banned in Haiti

There will no no licking, no shower scenes and no dry humping on Haiti’s television networks. I had no idea Haiti television had such strict regulations.

According to Sawpanse,

Too hot for TV? Director Abdias Laguerre reported today that some networks have decided to not air the music video for ’s new song “Illegal.” According to several sources, the video was banned for being too revealing.

The most shocking thing about this is that some TV viewers in Haiti are reporting that Haitian TV networks are still playing the R-Rated movie “Original Sin (Peche Originel)” starring Antonio Banderas and Angelina Jolie.

For those who haven’t seen “Original Sin (Peche Originel)”, there’s a lot of cleavage throughout, several shots of a woman’s bare breasts, some sexual innuendo, some explicit sex talk, and some talk of visiting prostitutes. There are are also a couple of scenes in a bordello, and one is explicit: prostitutes walk around topless.

Harmonik’s “Illegal” video doesn’t contain any nudity at all, so there must be some new regulations in Haiti. “Illegal” music video has amassed more than 10 thousand YouTube views in under five days.

Watch the video below and let me know if you think Haiti was right for banning this video?


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  • The video wasn’t bad ain’t like they were having sex like movies do it’s a good song and the video is hot

  • Hahaha, what are they afraid of? If this is ‘wrong’, Haiti has some serious cleansing to do. I think this is just a ‘political’ move (not necessarily from the government, but maybe from opposing music or business groups or whatev) to shut this guy up or something. The quality of the video and the music are good. Viewers and listeners will be able to relate to this and there are far more explicit things going on….

  • It is a very nice video for mature people, I think it is pretty racy, and I would not want my kid to be watching it as a personal choice, but I don’t think it should be banned. I’ve seen worst being played on tv in Haiti as a kid. All those American movies with hot sex scene should be banned as well.

  • Sak important pou yo regle se pa sa yap regle dominicain kap fini ak ti pep yo a yo pap banned yo pou yo fe yo pa antre ayiti se music yap banned tchuiiipss t-peyi kove sa papa…

  • Oh plz, the American rap, hip-hop, and pop videos has more booty shaking and way more provocative scenes…..Crazy how Haiti will bw quick to band there own videos due to much skin but will quickly air a R rated movie or music video from another nationality….GREAT VIDEO, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!

  • so its their policy to many outhere any way so i agree with
    them not show something too sexual on their chanel Good Job

  • I went to my very first Kanaval in Haiti several years back. The night before the actual festivities were scheduled to start, I was on Chand Mas walking around and I made the mistake of getting tired and sitting down to rest in an open, grassy area where there were numerous vendors selling food and drinks. I sat down near some tents and shortly noticed a steady flow of young women who had to be no more than teenagers or in their early 20’s entering and exiting a line of tents with young and old men alike. I later learned that these young women were prostitutes, the men were their “customers,” and they were having sex in those tiny tents in the middle of all of the pre-Karnaval excitement. If I had been a bit more observant, I likely would have figured this out given the large number of used condoms and wrappers littering the area outside the tents and on the streets of Chand Mas generally. If Haiti is looking to ban ellicit sexual content, I think it should start there and not waste its resources banning artistic expression. #WeHaveBiggerFishToFry

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