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Ansanm Nou Se Ayiti (Together we are Haiti) – A Movement For Young Haitians

Ansanm Nou Se Ayiti (Together we are Haiti) started out as a creative piece written by Paola Mathe. It is a poem inspired by two beautiful Haitian women she met through different social events in New York City. She wrote the piece as a tribute to her beautiful country, Haiti. Though the poem is simple, it is a message for Haitians to become more socially active in the Haitian community.

Ansanm Nou Se Ayiti is not just an artistic piece. It is a movement. The difficult living conditions have forced Haitians to leave their country in order to find safety, security, and stability. Ansanm Nou Se Ayiti is dedicated to bring young professional Haitians living abroad and Haiti to come together. The project hopes to bring Haitians from all over the world together to communicate, inspire, and create.


  • To initiate and support communication between Haitian youths abroad and in Haiti.
  • To inspire young professional Haitians to collaborate on artistic and cultural projects.
  • To create a strong, positive Haitian community abroad to help shape a brighter future for Haiti.

People once called Haiti, “The pearl of the Antilles.” The land of high mountains and beautiful beaches was the richest French colony in the Caribbean. Today, Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. With so many successful Haitians living abroad, Haiti still has a chance to be restored. Let us stand together because Ansanm Nou Se Ayiti.

Paola Mathe, founder of Ansanm Nou Se Ayiti will be volunteering with Fleur De Vie, a non-profit organization that takes pride in creating recreational and educational activities for underpriviledged children in Haiti. In addition to volunteering with the organization, Ansanm Nou Se Ayiti will donate 10% of all t-shirt revenue to future programs of the organization. Click HERE to learn more about Fleur De Vie and their past projects.

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Haitian Model Tico says, “Ansanm Nou Se Ayiti!” Haitians supporting Haitians in America.

Ansanm Nou Se Ayiti

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