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Haitian TV Star & Fashion Designer Abs Petit Launch New Collection


Abigail Petit-Frere  . Stylist and fashion designer, Abigail Petit-Frere known in the fashion industry as Abs Petit recently unveil new fashion collection at private mansion event in Orlando. The brand “VBSTRVKTD”  will feature a collection of  6 introductory pieces created exclusively for women for the purpose of peaking the interest of investors to produce a fuller line in the future.


Abs Petit (born Abigail Petit-Frere) is a reality television star with an eclectic style that helped here merge as a fan favorite on Season One of E!’s “House of DVF”. Considered by many to be a breath of fresh air to the fashion industry, Petit is a Florida based wardrobe stylist of Haitian heritage with years of design and fashion experience. The birth of the idea was forged shortly after the designers E! TV experience with fashion icon,Diane Von Furstenberg.

“She gave me the confidence to be the woman I wanted to be.” Said Abs Petit. The name of the brand “VBSTRVKTD”, is derived from the word “abstracted” which means, “Showing a lack of concentration to what is happening around one.” When spelled, the “A’s” are replaced with“V’s” and there are no other vowels used to pronounce the word. Said Petit-Frere.

“I wanted the name of my collection to reflect where my inspiration comes from, and how I had to let go of the toxic influences that used to surrounded me.”The line features resort unique essentials such as a cover up, lounge pant, sundress and others. “The theme of the collection is matching the wealth and luxurious lifestyle of Bella Collina, with a woman who is well-traveled. The brand itself embraces cultures of eastern African culture, so wax prints will be no stranger in the brands design aesthetic.

Colors were a nautical blue floral, a solid white linen and of course, an African inspired yellow and blue paisley print. The showcase was held at the luxury, multi-million dollar community of Bella Collina, located west of Orlando, FL. The event was planned by Event Coordinator, Paula Wyatt of “Posh able Events” and Abs Petit served as a special guest for the evenings ribbon cutting of a brand new home by Phoenix Companies.

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