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Haitian-Owned Vegan Beauty Brand JACQ’S Lands in Target and Launches 3 New Products

TargetIf you’re a fan of Black-owned skincare brands, chances are you’ve heard of, tried, or are very familiar with JACQ’S, a vegan and sustainable skincare brand formulated for women of color by women of color.

The clean beauty brand founded by Haitian entrepreneur Barbara Jacques landed on Target.com during Black Business Month. Black-owned brands have been on the rise and JACQ’S is no exception. With Target’s recent announcement to spend 2 billion with Black-owned businesses by 2025, JACQ’S is making major strides as a vegan and sustainable brand focused on creating skincare solutions for BIPOC.

The clean beauty brand launched 3 new SKU’s – the “Drip Collection” – as part of its launch. The healing and skin hydrating powered collection is designed to protect the skin’s natural barrier and soothe irritations – a common skincare concern. The Probiotic Face Mask supports dry skin and dark spots with a hydrating gel mask formulated with a cocktail of probiotics, AHA, BHA, and plant-based enzymes.Target

The Restorative Face Serum is creamy, gentle serum packed with niacinamide, borage, and hyaluronic acid to help give skin a triple boost of hydration, and boost collagen production. The Beta-Acid Acne Treatment is a spot treatment to fight pimples during the day. It includes pimple-fighting tamanu, and antifungal thyme to treat breakouts. A spot-treatment can be worn under makeup. Shoppers can shop the brand’s favorite hero products, the Healing Face Cleanser, Revitalizing Face Toner, and Nourishing Face Moisturizer. All the products are formulated for all skin types and tones and retail for under $30.

Barbara Jacques.
Barbara Jacques

Women of color, clean ingredients, and science-driven formulations are at the core of the brand’s mission. “Our customers are focused on ingredients, affordability, and products that really work,” says founder Jacques.

The Target partnership is vitally important. Not only does it significantly increase eyes on our brand, and increase our distribution, a lot of consumers are interested in buying Black-owned products in retail stores and this is a great opportunity for them to find products formulated specifically for them. You will not find sulfates, parabens, and phthalates. Created as a cleaner alternative to traditional skincare solutions, JACQ’S products were formulated without 1,300 common toxins.

The brand took it a step further by adding no added colors and fragrances. They’re not just vegan and cruelty-free but all the packaging is sustainable. Jacques created JACQ’S after a health scare during her pregnancy. As a way to cope with her illness, she began studying green medicine, and holistic plant botany. This led to the launch of a skincare line that promotes diversity and acceptance, acne positivity, and destigmatizes the world one skin condition at a time. “I noticed a gap in the beauty market and a disconnect with beauty brands.


Shoppers want transparency, tested products and they want to feel beautiful.” JACQ’S is Target Clean certified, and also formulated in accordance with the European Union’s standard of “clean,” which prohibits over 1,350 questionable chemicals from use in cosmetics—far stricter than the U.S. FDA’s prohibited list of 11. ”I want to create cleaner options and make it accessible to everyone,” says Jacques. JACQ’S is also certified by PETA as an animal cruelty–free brand.

For more information, see www.shopjacqs.com or @shopjacqs.

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