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Black Woman-Owned PR Firm Launches To Amplify The Importance Of Inclusive Representation

Percipi Global

On November 7, 2020, the American public elected its first female and black vice president, Kamala D. Harris. This milestone comes after 244 years since the nation gained its independence from Great Britain and 100 years since the 19th Amendment guaranteed women’s right to vote. This presidential election cycle was one of the most pivotal and challenging in recent U.S. history, extending over four days as the people waited to learn the nation’s future. What does this historical accomplishment mean for the nation and international community?

Historically, America has been the land that promises endless opportunities but to see these possibilities and opportunities manifest themselves, changes the game. The virtual inauguration of Vice President Kamala Harris is set to open doors and lead the way for little girls and young women of diverse ethnicities, social status, and socio-economic backgrounds to know that anything is possible. But first, they had to see it.

They had to see themselves on the campaign trail, the screens, the boardroom, classroom, in literature, on the ballot, and subsequently, in front of that podium on election day. The absence of inclusive representation is a threat to any society’s progress. It cripples growth. When we fail to reflect America’s diversity in every corner of our society, we fail to represent the country in its entirety.

When we choose single stories as a nation, we face a much larger challenge; we forfeit our competitive strength. The world is interconnected from how we communicate, the future of technology, the challenges experienced, to how we conduct business and diplomacy. Diversity gives us a competitive edge. It creates and boosts innovation, improves customer experiences, and enables a broader range of perspectives. At Percipi, we recognize the danger in single stories, misrepresentation, and underrepresentation.

Percipi Global, a DC-based PR firm, partners with clients to bring exposure to the positive stories of brands, leaders, organizations, and nations. We are committed to leading the way in inclusive representation and strategic narratives through media and client partnerships. Our team knows the importance of this cause because we are products of partial narratives. So, we built a platform to challenge the status quo, move beyond single stories, and tell the other side.

“Contrary to the increasing concern that surrounds the PR industry during this pandemic, this is a unique opportunity to help position clients at the forefront of their message and help strengthen brands to better connect with their audiences. What we do at Percipi is more than branding. It’s representation. It’s ensuring that the positive stories of those driving high-stake change and leading the way in driving social change are brought to light. It’s ensuring that every member of our society sees themselves as our leaders. If there was ever a time to take control of your narrative and ensure you’re connecting with key stakeholders, it’s now. If there was ever a time the PR industry needed to play its role, it is now.

Inclusive representation matters and should be reflected in our boardrooms, courtrooms, T.V. screens, classrooms, in Silicon Valley, Congress, State Department, and finally, in the White House. ” – Founder and CEO of Percipi Global, Naomie Pierre-Louis.

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