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Marabou’ Turns Ashley Odilia Armand’s Voice Into A Literary Symphony


As a multi-hyphenate, Haitian-American woman, Ashley Odilia Armand is no stranger to creativity and innovation. In the middle of the COVID-19 global pandemic, Ashley graduated with her Masters in Public Policy from Northeastern University. Despite not being able to appear in person, her virtual graduation was met with joy, and even winning an award for her community impact working at the junction of immigration and policy for Haitian immigrants.

However, you can never take the artist out of the person and the creative out of a spirit. Using her oils and words as a form of healthy escapism and activism, Ashley released a collection of poetry and prose entitled “Marabou,” which invites readers into the rhythm of self-discovery, evolution, and the exploration of beauty within one’s identity. Armand guides you on a journey through her delicate lens as she infuses her rich Haitian culture into each section of this collection in an exceptionally vivid way.


Born in 1993, Ashley was raised in a home deeply infused with her Haitian roots and learned to value the power of language and linguistic diversity. She is also a proud CODA (Child of a Deaf Adult) and speaks to this experience in her collection.

In Marabou, the stories, melodies, and cadences steer the reader into going within to track, identify, and hold their feelings accountable while feeling as if they were within these poems. Armand’s vibrant artwork accompanies these words – visual harmonies are interwoven within her writing. The reader goes on a healing journey through a dynamic narrative that allows these poems to feel like medicine, rhythm, and movement.

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ISBN:  978-0-578-75448-2.

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