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JoJo Desrosier: Angela Simmons “Growing Up Hip Hip” Cast Mate & Haiti Travel Buddy


If you’ve been watching the newest edition of WETv  reality shows “Growing Up Hip Hop” you may have seen Angela Simmons right hand woman and cast mate Johanna Desrosiers known as Jojosayz on her social handles.

Growing up Hip Hop is a series that follows the next generation of hip hop royalty as they attempt to step outside the shadow of their famous families. Music legends Damon Dash, Rev. Run, Russell Simmons, Master P, El DeBarge and Pepa are always nearby as each up-and-comer tries to build their own life and fortune in careers ranging from music to acting and fashion.

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We reached out to the Haitian-American blogger who we were first introduced to a few months ago when she traveled to Haiti with Angela to vacation and spent a day of service at the Mission of Grace center in Port-au-Prince. After a few conversations with Jojo the last couple of months, I wanted to share a little about her and why I’ve enjoyed getting to know here through her beautiful pictures of Haiti and now watching her on the show.

Here are a few things Jojo was happy to share with my readers while she rushed to work this morning.

I was born in queens!

My family is from Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

My Haitian culture has a huge influence on me and everything I do, especially in this industry. There’s a few different type of Haitians but the Christian Haitians, lol have a completely  different upbringing. I was raised as Christian Haitian, so yes my home was double as strict as other Haitians I know, there is serious levels to this….Being Haitian generally you are built and raised on morals and to always work hard to succeed. Laziness is not permitted in the Haitian home. Being Haitian influenced  me to be tough, humble and always working towards perfection. Most of all being Haitian influences my style. We Haitians always want to be (shel be- lol my creole spelling is off but another word for fancy) I love my culture food, music especially. It’s who I am.

My favorite quote… “your thoughts become things.”

I started working for Angela Simmons as an intern and  after a lot of hard work I became her personal assistant. Working with Angela Simmons is an adventure and dream come true.
My favorite part of being on this show is being on the show lol it was so much fun filming, the cool cast and cool crew, the different locations and crazy schedule… This is the life I dream of and why I do what I do. This is my passion, the hustle and bustle is what thrive and to be able to watch and get to relive the moment… it’s so crazy to watch yourself on TV. Hopefully you will see me again soon!

Expect to see me again and get familiar with the name. I am now realizing I am really more than the average Jo. I have so many ideas and things I’m working on trying to set in stone. It’s too early to say much but follow my social networks and my site and I’ll be showing my journey as I start building my own empire !

It’s my time I want to leave my mark!

Jojosayz Blog | Instagram 

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Jojo in Haiti
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Jojo in Haiti with Angela and Friends.
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Jojo and Angela in Haiti.
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Jojo and Angela in Haitian at Mission of Grace.
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Jojo and Angela in Haiti.
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Jojo, Angela and friends in Haiti.
Jojo Zip Lining in Haiti
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  • Very nice.. Love to see people go to my home country and enjoy what the country have to offer beside humanitarian trips. People can do both. I traveled to many places and a lot of countries have the same problems like Haiti. We need to showcase our best more often.

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