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Healthy Roots Dolls

Dolls for a New Generation of Confidence

Written by Lawrence G., Financial Literacy Educator and Lunionsuite Guest Blogger

The name “Healthy Roots” Dolls alone should brings a smile to your face. If that doesn’t do it for you, the marketing will.

Haitian American Founder & CEO of Healthy Roots Dolls, Yelitsa Jean-Charles, recognized as one of Essence’s 2017 50 Founders to Watch, made it her goal to make sure that every shelf is stocked with dolls of our own likeness.

Her Twitter feed is poignant and hilarious. Yelitsa has always been a brand disruptor with a great sense of humour.

Her bold redesign of Rapunzel as a brown girl with beautiful kinky hair, won her critical acclaim. She turned that momentum into a line of dolls that teaches girls natural hair care through hair play.

Health Roots is currently partnered with Shea Moisture, Cantu, and Mixed Chicks. The dolls come with sample size of products for the girls to use on the doll’s hair as they learn to do their own natural hair.

She was quoted saying, “I base winning on impact.”

“A lot of things are subjective in terms of the decision people make and you cannot measure your value based on someone else’s approval, but you can measure it on the impact that you’ve had on other people. If you are impacting tons of people and getting positive feedback and support from your community, that is winning. Even if you don’t win the $50,000 cash prize or you may not get mainstream recognition, but if the people you are doing it for recognizes, that is winning.”

Keep up with Yelitsa and Healthy Roots on Instagram @healthyrootsdolls and order now at www.healthyrootsdolls.com. A pleasant welcomed addition to the Christmas tree box.

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