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It's Lunionsuite's 3Year Blogaversary

HappyBlogiversary is turning 3!!!!!

Three years ago, I logged onto my computer and started a blog to learn about my Haitian culture and educate the world as I learn. This blog has been an exciting and incredible journey and I am so excited to see how much further it will go.

With over 85,000 followers via the site, the Haitian American Facebook Fanpage and my other social networks, I am proud to say my dream of educating the world while re-branding the way people see Haitians and Haitian Americans has come true.

In honor of its 3rd anniversary, I’m asking for all my followers and supporters to show the site some love and support on your social networks by taking a picture holding a sign or sheet of paper wishing the site a happy birthday throughout the month of October.  “Happy Bday Lunionsuite” or #HBDLunionsuite and tag me to the pictures.

My instagram is @Mrswanda and Twitter is @Lunionsuite

 I recently read that that 85% of the people who start blogs, give them up. I’m happy to be in the 15%, who stay with the work of it. Thank you to everyone who continue to support the site by sharing and simply logging on everyday and giving me the opportunity to continue.

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