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Lakou Mizik Entertains Passengers on United Airlines Flight Delayed for 6 Hours

When a United Airlines flight at Chicago‘s O’Hare Airport was delayed for nearly six hours earlier this month, the Port-au-Prince-based band Lakou Mizik who was on board took it upon themselves to be the in-flight entertainment and entertain passengers by playing an impromptu concert on board.

The nine-member group, which started in 2010 after Haiti’s earthquake, performed two songs, “Azouke” and “Parenn Legba.” The band performed in Creole and a “voodoo language,” according to the band’s manager Zach Niles. The video of the concert was uploaded to the band’s Facebook page and has since been shared over 5000 times.

The band wrote on their facebook page:

“Dear Friends! Were so happy that this little video has touched the heart of so many people. We just want to say that we felt only love from all the passengers and staff on the plane. It was a difficult moment for all of us and we were proud to have our Haitian culture lift the spirits of everyone. Stay positive friends – Ayibobo “Blessings” to you all and to everyone out there!”

Band member Steeve Valcourt told ABC News that the band, currently on its North American tour, was traveling from Portland, Oregon, to Burlington, Vermont, with a stopover at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. Bad weather in the Chicago area delayed the plane’s departure and the crew decided to ground the plane until the skies cleared.“The captain said we could go out [of the plane] if we wanted to eat something or if you wanted to use the bathroom and as we’re going out we felt the need to sing something to take our minds off of the moment,” Valcourt explained. “We all just felt it and started instantly singing.”

He added: “It was the same after the earthquake in Haiti. We were watching people on the street; they needed that hope again and that’s when we started singing.”

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