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Meet Haitian American Actress "Orange Is the New Black's" Vicky Jeudy

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Haitian American actress Vicky Jeudy is best known as Janae Watson on the Netflix breakout hit “Orange Is the New Black” (2013). Originally from Queens NY and of Haitian descent Vicky got her start in the entertainment world competing in beauty pageants.

She was a top 25 Semifinalist in the Miss NY USA competition, where she also took home the title of Miss Photogenic. As a college student, Vicky began to seriously study the craft of acting and gained experience in the indie film world. Her emotionally nuanced performances coupled with her professionalism created fast opportunities. A humanitarian at heart, Vicky is an avid reader in holistic health who, when not on set, can be found empowering the youth in her urban community. – Source

Here is a few excerpt from BlackGirlLongHair with Vicky about her show:

I’ve read that you started out as a beauty queen in New York. How did you make the transition into acting?
VI started off in beauty pageants when I was younger. I went to college and I studied theater so I have my B.A. in theater. Then I attended an acting conservatory in New York City. I feel like my journey is like a long route. From there I went to Atlanta and was shooting indies until I relocated back to New York City and started hitting the acting pavement here. I signed with my manager Sana, at Steinberg Talent and 6 months later booked the show.

Your show Orange is the New Black is a hit! Let’s talk about your character the track star, Janae Watson! She appears to be one of the most headstrong characters in the bunch. What is something you think the audience may not know about her?
V: I think she is protecting the little girl inside her. She was the outcast and had a deep desire to blend in with the crowd. Everyone can identify with that.

Do you think you share any similarities with your character?
V: I definitely connect with Janae’s view on justice and equality. She’s a fighter. I’m a humanitarian at heart in my everyday life. She’s in prison with the rest of her inmates and they are missing their loved ones. As humans we all have moments when we are separated from a loved one. Either when someone moves away, ends a friendship, death, whatever it is.

Did you think the show was going to receive the overwhelming response that it has?
V: I did. I remember when I was on set working with other actors and developing these characters and watching other people’s scene, we couldn’t stop laughing. It’s the whole cast that’s laughing. The magic was already there from the beginning. Even now, while shooting I still can’t stop laughing.

Picture Source: blackgirllonghair

What is next for you?
V: I’m working on season 2 of Orange is the New Black. Having a blast. I just got done shooting a wonderful indie film, Romeo and Juliet in Harlem. I’m just excited about what’s to come. I’m in the now and enjoying this moment. Continue Reading Here

Picture Source: blackgirllonghair
Picture Source: BlackGirlsLongHair
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