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OLIver Durent Quits T-Vice Band….

Olivier Duret, a member of high-profile Haitian kompa band, T-Vice has quit the group with plans to go solo. I don’t know too many songs from the group, but from the few I’ve heard they are really a great band. Theres no such thing as a  haitian party unless T-Vice is spinning.

Olivier Duret, a member of high profile haitian kompa band, T-Vice handed in his letter of resignation in OCtober and shared a letter with fans, Kompa! Magazine has learned.

In a note, the artist wrote:To all my fans, friends and media members,As some of you may already know, after a 6 year run in the T-Vice team, I have decided to pursue my solo career. I thank the Vice crew for the opportunity that was offered to me and the experience aquired with them. We had a great run and we were happy to share the love we have for Music. As any artist will tell you, being in a band takes a lot of your time so, after thinking it through, i took a difficult decision to pursue a solo career. This is only a new chapter, music lives on… Thank you

The letter was written in 3 languages, French, Creole and Spanish and was also posted to his facebook page.- Story Source

He will be missed, I hope his solo career is a success!

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