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Haitian Trinidadian Live Streamer Kai Cenat Becomes The First Streamer To Surpass 300K Twitch Subscribers

Haitian Trinidadian Live Streamer Kai Cenat makes history by breaking the record for attracting the most Twitch subscribers.

The 21-year-old rising Twitch star who took the Amazon-owned live-streaming platform by storm in 2021 and 2022, has smashed another record on the last day of Black History Month. ⁠

This time, it was the record for the streamer with the most active subscribers, an accolade previously attained by Tyler “Ninja” Blevins in April 2018 and Ludwig “Ludwig” Ahgren in April 2021.⁠ Ludwig’s historic subathon set a very high bar in April 2021, when he clocked in exactly 283,066 subscribers. Although it was expected to be beaten at some point, no one at the time would have expected the eventual new holder of the record to be Kai Cenat – he averaged only 5,000 viewers in April 2021.⁠

The internet is abuzz with the news of Kai’s accomplishment, and even Twitch chimed in to congratulate the streamer for his record-breaking achievement. ⁠

Amid the celebrations, Drake made a huge demand from Twitch to make sure Kai gets paid accordingly. Responding to an Instagram post about the incredible achievement, Drake made it clear what he expects Twitch to do next, tagging them in a comment and saying “motivate the kids send him 50M.”⁠

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