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L’union Suite is Griots Republic “May Blogger of the Month”


Griots Republic (GR) is a digital magazine for urban black travelers offering both original and curated content about travel and active lifestyles. Griots publish monthly and each month they focus on a theme, issue, or destination and then source urban writers, photographers, artists and travelers to contribute their stories based on that theme. Their first issue launched on January 6th to much fanfare.

Griots May magazine is a destination issue, the magazine traveled to Haiti from April 6th to 13th to capture interviews and capture the Haitian experience from a multitude of angles; including the Haitian American Traveler/Bloggers, we are happy to announce that L’union Suite owner Wanda Tima was selected as the Blogger of the month.

May is Haitian Heritage Month, so far this month, my bowling charity event was a success, I was selected as Miami’s Haitian-American 20 under 40 to watch and featured in Griots Republic, I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate my Haitian heritage!  – Wanda Tima

Click here to read the magazine and here to read the L’union Suite feature. 

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