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Jozy Altidore Organize Live Telecast of Copa America For Fans To Watch In Haiti

Jozy Altidore Source: Instagram
Jozy Altidore Source: Instagram

Haitian Heritage Month has been an inspiring month of back to back headlines of Haitian Americans making an impact.

With a few days away from the first week of June, many Haitians are preparing  to cheer on Haiti’s national team in the Copa America Centenario. Thanks to Haitian-American futbol ( soccer ) player Jozy Altidore, people in Haiti will have a chance to watch the live telecast of the highly anticipated tournament across the nation, with projector screens flown in from Miami to show the contests.

According to FoxNews,

People in Haiti will be able to watch their national team play in Copa America Centenario thanks to Jozy Altidore. The United States striker, whose parents are from Haiti, has worked with his foundation to team with the St. Luke Foundation and televise the tournament back to Haiti.

There was a chance that Copa America telecasts would not be available to many of the people in Haiti, despite the Haitians qualifying for the competition and putting them into their biggest tournament since the 1974 World Cup. But now there will be watch parties across the nation, with projector screens flown in from Miami to show the contests.

“When Haiti qualified I just thought it’d be a cool thing, because they haven’t qualified for a major tournament since the World Cup (in 1974),” Altidore told Sports Illustrated. “I thought this would be something cool knowing how much Haitian people love their national team … to have thousands of people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to see the matches broadcast the group games and see them perform.”

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