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Créations Dorées: Handmade in Haiti, Where Passion & Creativity Blend

Creations Dorees

With the launch of their new website, CreationsDorees.com, Créations Dorées introduces the artistic passions of Haiti to the world. Through an exclusive shopping experience, explore handmade sandals, jewelry, bags, and other accessories, all designed to express a woman’s unique style and creativity. All of these offerings are handcrafted in Haiti, using traditional artisanal style mixed with a taste of modernism. The subtle combination of colors and materials create unique pieces that celebrate the island’s rich culture and unique craftsmanship.

The pieces are simple, yet bold and colorful. They make a great statement and elevate any simple outfit like a plain tank top with shorts or jeans. The pieces are perfect for traveling; they easily transform your look from daytime to nightlife. The sandals are customizable and offer interchangeable scarves, making it easy to match any outfit.

The creative minds behind Créations Dorées are close friends Stephanie Dartigue and Sara Magloire. Two determined women who grew up in Haiti, who traveled the world to study professionally, and then were brought back home through their love of the island and its people.

Stephanie started working as a project manager for a bank in Haiti and was making jewelry and sandals as a hobby. She then decided to make her passion her dream job and traveled to Milan, Italy, where she enrolled at the Ars Sutoria school to learn technical and design skills from the best footwear masters in the world.

Sara comes from a family of artists. She studied landscaping and interior design in Montreal, Canada. While practicing in her field in Haiti, Sara also started making jewelry as a hobby. Seduced by the art of jewelry manufacturing, she decided this was a passion she had to pursue.

Together, the two friends took their passions to the next level and launched Créations Dorées in 2009. What started as a simple outlet to explore their creative talents quickly turned into a reflection of their dreams. They started with offering their products at local exhibitions, where they sold their stock, as well as shows that took them all over the world – Panama, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Italy, Germany, and Spain.

With their new website, anyone in the US is now able to access the artist’s’ unique creations and share their passions. ‘’Every time you purchase an item, you take a bit of Haiti home with you.” Stephanie tells us. So let the culture of the island wash over you like a Caribbean breeze.

To learn more, visit http://creationsdorees.com/, and if you are traveling to Haiti, visit their shop located at 43 Rue Rigaud, Pétion-Ville. Stop by and say “Hello!”

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