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Haitian Rappers to Watch: The Official Food Gang


Name : The Official Food Gang (Created by Kelly Krow)

Location : Montreal, Canada

Where did you grow up : (5 Official Food Gang members) Montreal, Brooklyn, Florida & New Jersey

Your Favorite Artist : Wyclef Jean | Sweet Micky | Andre 3000

Most Recent Song or Video : Our most recent single is  ‘Gadon Cheque’ 

How many EPs, Mixtapes, Album : Upcoming first Mixtape free for our Haitians (September 2015) : ITFGB Vol.1 (It’s the food gang baby)

What influences your music : The community, Haitian food & positive energy with the people.

Your favorite lyrics : ‘Kòb sòl lal fè kèm kontan tankou m jwenn yon ti diri griyo ak on pikliz ‘ (Gadon Cheque)

Upcoming projects : ITFGB Vol.1 (It’s the food gang baby) & music videos with Haitian comedians worldwide collaborations with Chelo Chelo, Haitian Husbands, Zoe Poze, Saskya Sky, Plus daddy, Mr 509, Ti dezod, Dj Platinum D, Dj Jerry Magic, Haitian Jonas, Papa Jean, Buddy Billz and more.

If you could deliver one message to the Haitian music public what would it be?

You are the luckiest person in the world, only if you BELIEVE so, Always believe in yourself, and eat ‘The Duri’ PROUD !

Facebook : facebook.com/theofficialfoodgang
Instagram: instagram.com/officialfoodgang
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/officialfoodgang
Youtube : youtube.com/officialfoodgang

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  • How about encouraging the photographer by not cropping out the tag and mentioning where you got this picture? Thank you!

    • You need to contact the artist who sent in the picture about that. And how about you learn how to respectfully address a situation and you could end up with your own feature. You’re welcome.

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