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Curls Dynasty: A Haitian Owned Natural Haircare Brand for Everyone

Founder: Nicki Nougaisse

Written By: Erica Merasse

Haircare is truly important to those who want hair that is growing, healthy, and shiny. Being able to find the right products may be hard, but now it can be a little easier. Learn a little more about Haitian Haircare Line Founder of Curls Dynasty, Nickie Nou.

Erica Merasse: Tell Me A Little About Your Background/Upbringing

I am 32 years old, born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and now reside in Miami, FL. I am a mom of 2 sons and have a BA in Psychology and an MS in Criminal Justice. I worked as a High Lethality Victims Advocate at Women in Distress, taking care of victims of domestic violence before moving onto the Broward Sheriffs Office. At this office, I worked as an investigator.

Erica Merasse: Where did you come up with the name and look and feel for your brand? What inspired it?

I wanted a name that encompassed our roots, legacy, and how loving our hair, reclaiming our natural magic is something special. The color purple speaks to our supremacy and royalty, white is for purity, and green for nature.

Curls Dynasty

Erica Merasse: When did you start mixing product and knew you had created something that worked?

The brand Curls Dynasty came to life unofficially in 2012 when I started transitioning back to natural hair after a disastrous relaxer touch up that left me badly burned and scabby. I didn’t want to big chop, so I decided to play the long game and transition instead. I wanted my hair to grow stronger, fuller, thicker, and faster! The chemicals had left me with a lot of breakage and thinning. So, I started mixing oils and made what’s known today as Organic Oil Blend.  

My co-workers and clients liked how my hair was progressing and asked me for advice and product recommendations. I shared the oil with them, and they kept coming back for more, offering to pay for it. So, I kept making it! Soon, they asked me for shampoo and other things. I researched, whipped stuff together in my kitchen with ingredients I liked and kept sharing. It wasn’t until the end of 2015 that I went public and created my little Etsy shop and IG went live in 2016. So, I’ve been officially operational and intentionally growing as a brand since 2015.

Erica Merasse: What’s a good tip/advice for those who are thinking of going natural?

  1. Be patient with yourself! It literally is a journey or rediscovery
  2. Be consistent in your regimen and feed your hair the good stuff! Ingredients matter!
  3. Do regular deep conditioning treatments and always be sure to seal and moisturize.

Erica Merasse: Where can people find your products.

My products are online at, curlsdynasty.com and find our retail partners under the store locator tab.

Erica Merasse: Any favorite quote or any last words?

My favorite quote is a bible verse that reminds me of who I am and what I can do as I continue to believe and push ahead; “For God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and of a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1-7. I want our people to know that we don’t have to accept “the box” or try to fit the limits of it.

If there’s something you’ve been feeling, prompting to do, a talent you have, or surprise opportunity that comes your way that can be useful for yourself or community and you feel the urge and purpose to pursue it, then do it. Forget the limits we’ve been imposed. Do not be afraid and do not let others make you feel shame or guilt for wanting to accomplish more!

Curls Dynasty

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