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Haitian Artist Laurenee Announce First Art Show In New York


Laurenee was born and raised in Haiti to a French mother and a Haitian father. Laurenee has been surrounded by Haitian art her entire life, both of her parents were amazing artists. At 5 years old, Laurenee began to sketch after watching her father paint every day, she wanted to paint just like her father.  

Laurenee continued living in Haiti with her grandmother until her teenage years when she moved to Maryland and lived with her aunt. Struggling to adjust to a new environment, new language and searching for an escape, Laurenee once again turned to her art and started painting again.

“There’s nothing more peaceful than expressing my thoughts and emotions through my artwork.” – Laurenee  


So what did I learn about the aspiring artist during a quick chat  about her upcoming art show in New York?

  1. She was in Haiti 3 months ago working and visiting family.
  2. Her art show in New York on Friday is her very first solo art show.
  3. She wants to inspire people through her artwork.
  4. She started painting when she was a child and remember watching her father paint and draw on the yellow sticky post-it and sold them to his friends. 
  5.  The first thing she ever painted was a water color based art of a bird in high school.
  6. Her parents were very encouraging, her father would tell her to never give up because she’s going to sell a lot of paintings one day.
  7. She loves to freehand.
  8. Her paintings are inspired by her mood, music and rhythm. 
  9. She has paintings from 2 years ago just sitting waiting on their turn, she doesn’t force her work.

If you want to connect with Laurnee, check out her Website and Instagram

To attend her art show in Manhattan on Friday, RSVP by emailing Mstagg@artlaurea.com.


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