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Product of the Day: Madame Sara’s Handcrafted Gourmet Creole Sauce


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Founder: Katyana Andre

I am originally from Haiti. I am sure you have heard of my country before or read about it somewhere in the news. You may have heard that it is a poor country plagued by political instability and natural disasters. Well, I am here to tell you the other side of the story. My country is rich in flavors, colors, passion, and of course, lots of sun and zest!!! Just like the sauces you’ll see here.  The Gourmet Creole Sauces are based on my grandmother’s recipes, but they have their roots in a typical blend of spices and herbs used in Haitian cooking. Putting them on the market is my way of sharing with the world some of the positive sides of Haiti: our culture and our cuisine.

 What sets us apart is that our sauces are made fresh and contain absolutely no chemicals or preservatives. They contain no animal products, making them suitable for even the strictest vegan diets, and are made in small batches in a licensed commercial kitchen upstate New York.  Our sauces are very versatile and can be used in all types of cooking. You can marinate meat or seafood, or use them as dips and more!

Our Gourmet Sauces are Freshly Made!Sauces: 

There are three flavors to choose from.

The Cilantro Thyme Infused (Mild)
The Spicy Ginger Garlic (Medium)
The Habanero Madness (Hot)

This combination of herbs and spices is something used in Haitian cooking. Its healthy and does not contain any chemicals. We use this combination of spices in most of our cooking. Caribbean food includes a wide range of flavor and variety. Although the cooking techniques may not be extremely varied, there is often a unique flavor from each country based on its colonial history. Haitian food happens to be influenced by so many other cultures such as, French, Spanish, Western African countries, Taino (Indigenous People of the Caribbean) and even the Middle East.

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Cooking with Madame Sara's Gourmet Sauce
Cooking with Madame Sara’s Gourmet Sauce
Tasting in Queens ( Cousins and Sisters)
Tasting in Queens : Katyana, her cousins and sister.


I cannot wait to receive my bottle. To order your bottles or support Katyana Andre‘s  Kickstart project click here.

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