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Salvant Technologies Offering Free Backup Cloud & Recovery Solutions To Businesses in Haiti

Salvant Technologies
Salvant Technologies

Salvant Technologies, Inc. (SNATEK) is offering complimentary (“FREE”) Backup Cloud & Recovery solutions to businesses in Haiti

Salvant Technologies, Inc., a United States-based IT company, is providing support to businesses in Haiti

As part of this commitment, Salvant Technologies, Inc. is offering free data Backup Disaster & Recovery services (“BDR”) for businesses that are not currently enrolled in the service for a period of 30 days (including existing non-BDR clients).

Their goal is to help businesses ensure their data and internal operating structures are not irrevocably destroyed during any political unrest or crisis. With the BDR solution, businesses can continue to operate without worrying about power outages or interruptions causing damage to their company data.

BDR Solution Includes the Following*:
Virtual Disaster Recovery        Remote recovery of business data on-demand
Central Live Monitoring 24/7/365 monitoring of backup for peace of mind
Server BDR Backup and Recovery of critical centralized business data
Workstation BDR Backup and Recovery of executive and employee data on workstations
Data Encryption Backed up data is encrypted at AES 256-bit and End-to-End encryption

“Last July they offered a similar BDR solution and businesses signed up to protect their data. Most of these clients stayed with the solution and this time around they did not have to worry. We, like most businesses, understand the most crucial step of running a business is being able to stay operational without data loss. In this time of uncertainty and hardship, we think that protecting business information would be a good way to contribute in the relief effort that many members of our diaspora are providing to Haiti.” – said Carl-Henry Salvant, SNATEK CEO/CTO.  

To acquire these business solutions please email inquiries to sales@snatek.com or call at (954) 443-0255.

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