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Stella Jean Launch Tap Tap Bags

Stella Jean Courtesy of Raycornelius.com

I absolutely love the way Haitian-Italian designer Stella Jean always find a creative  way to combine her cultures into her work.

Stella have been chosen as the first designer to launch a new Vogue Italia and yoox.com ongoing project which will features exclusive designs by some of the  most talented artists selected and curated by Vogue Black.

“My inspiration in designing the bag aims to be a reportage of different cultures – Italy, Haiti and Africa.” – Stella Jean

According to Vogue Black

Vogue Italia and yoox.com once again partner on a new initiative to support Fashion 4 Development, joining forces in an ongoing project which features exclusive creations by the most talented artists selected and curated by Vogue Black. Fashion 4 Development, the global initiative to which Franca Sozzani was made first Goodwill Ambassador in 2011, is a charity that supports a number of initiatives in several African countries. A portion of the proceeds from the Vogue Italia and yoox.com project will be donated to F4D

Franca Sozzani, Goodwill Ambassador for F4D

We chose Stella Jean, already a very famous designer, to launch this very exciting project. I am very happy to work with YOOX, it will be a great challenge and a great collaboration.”

For the launch, Vogue Italia and yoox.com nominated star-designer Stella Jean, whose bright prints find their way in two exclusive, iconic bags, produced in Ethiopia. The inspiration behind Stella’s Tap-tap bags lies within the magical traditions of Haitian pop culture.

Tap-taps, which literally means quick-quick, are lavishly decorated share-taxis often painted with religious names or wildly colored slogans. In the designer’s bags, Haitian culture meets international handcraft with African cotton canvas, Zebu leather and Italian traditional shirt fabric.

You can shop for the bags here

Pictures courtesy of VogueBlack

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