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Watch Beyonce’s Visit To Saint Damien Pediatric Hospital in Haiti

Last month, Beyonce visited Saint Damien Pediatric Hospital as part of a United Nations humanitarian effort.  The hospital is funded exclusively by private donations and provides high-quality care to the poor, charging patients a small fee.

While there, she met with doctors, cancer patients, and newborns in a specialized intensive care unit. Sporting a “BeyGOOD” T-shirt, named after her charity, she held hands and laughed with the children.

Saint Damien Pediatric Hospital provides medical treatment for disadvantaged and sick children in Haiti, but has recently lost funding resulting in cutbacks of staff and a decrease in the number of children that can be treated.

According to online reports, with the help of BeyGOOD, the hospital hopes to re-open an abandoned wing and continue to aid the people of Haiti. All proceeds from BeyGOOD T-shirt sales go directly to Saint Damien Pediatric Hospital.

Watch’s Queen Bey trip to Haiti below.

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