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Berwing “KatchUp” Fritzner Fadeau Brooklyn-Based DJ, Industry Thought Leader, Creator of Ayimove


Berwing Fritzner Fadeau, known professionally as KatchUp, is a Haitian-American DJ, producer, engineer, turned singer, and songwriter. As an accomplished well-rounded musician, KatchUp has been blessed with the opportunity to work alongside passionate musical professionals from all walks of life and at every level of the game.

His earliest musical experience happened when he was just a young boy, assisting his dad with DJ gigs on the weekends. These early experiences ignited an infinite yearning in KatchUp, one that would never relent as he began pursuing his own art and attended schools for audio engineering and music production. KatchUp finds himself so empowered by music that it has allowed him to advance farther in his career than he ever thought possible.

KatchUp’s second single ‘Bon Flow’ is set to release on May 7th of 2021 on KatchUp’s label ‘TuGetta’ (Together). The song is about KatchUp being that new kid in town as far as being a music artist and entering the Haitian Music Industry goes.

KatchUp states in the song that he “just down in the City,” the city according to KatchUp is nowhere in particular, but anywhere and everywhere at the same time. The single also represents a connection KatchUp would like to bring to his music, which is that despite any racial, political, cultural differences, music and dancing should bring everyone together as one and work out any differences. ‘Bon Flow’ is the second single by KatchUp to present his new genre – Ayimove.

Ayimove was created to help shine a new light on the untapped beauty of Haitian music and culture. Ayimove is set up with an iconic cocktail of Caribbean and Pop musical genres, incorporated with a flow of the English language along with Haiti’s well-known language Creole. The genre delivers an electrifying effect to its listeners, throwing them into the rich heritage and sound of KatchUp’s Haitian people.

Audiences were first introduced to Ayimove through his first single “Vini,” released by KatchUp’s own record label TuGetta. Creating a new genre of music is no easy task, but Ayimove’s reception has empowered KatchUp to continue pushing the
envelope with it as a way to share the Haitian culture and its sheer musical power across the globe.

He is a firm believer that Haiti’s greatest gift to the world is its music and the loving culture it embodies, and he will not rest until everyone has the chance to experience the music that made him who he is today.

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