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Haitian-American Business Owners “La Perle Beaute” to Host Glamorous Pop-Up Shop June 12th-13th In Haiti

11254360_1440765736218889_2003526470_nNow this is what I call thinking outside the box and giving back to your country. Two Haitian American small business owners have decided to travel to Haiti and collaborate with  small business in Haiti for a weekend of shopping, glamor, sophistication and sexy.

The first time Miami business owners skipped out on hosting their first event in Miami to host their very first pop-up shop June 12th-13th at the beautiful Karibe Hotel in Petion-ville, Haiti.

A pop-up shop is a combination of exhibition, advertising and fashionable retail design, for the small business owner or a fashionable marketing event, pop-ups  invites creative freedom and lends itself to pushing retail design to its limits.

Can you introduce yourself to the readers and tell them about your company and this wonderful new project you are bringing to Haiti?

Hello L’union Suite Readers! I’m Elizabeth Prochet and I work alongside my cousin and business partner Cynthia Roy. I was born in Brooklyn, New York but raised in Miami while Cynthia has been Miami girl her whole life! Our Background is Haitian and we’ve always felt a deep connect with our island even though we live in Miami.

Our company name is “La Perle Beaute” or “La Perle” for short. The name stems from the Haitian mantra “La Perle des Antillies”. Whenever we think of La Perle we think of the uniqueness and beauty of Haiti which is what we want to convey about our brand. Our goal is to bring the Saks 5th Avenue experience to Haiti through the luxury beauty products we offer. Our purpose is to make every Haitian feel like a Perle by bringing a touch of glamor to to their everyday lives.

What was your motivation to get this project off the ground?

Cynthia: Our motivation to get this off the ground was the passion that we both share for our culture. Our Haitian roots is the drive behind our hard work to become strong leaders through out our everyday lives. We both share a common goal to spread awareness to our country. Another motivation stems from a little story that my mom always talks about. She would say that as a child, I would always  cut off and style the hair on all of my dolls.

bc7b0e620667d4a553f847a730e58fa0Elizabeth: and I would use rubbing alcohol to remove the makeup off my dolls and re-do them with crayon and markers! Cynthia’s mom would always say that with all the glam we do on ourselves for fun we should figure out a way to be entrepreneurial and make other woman feel beautiful as well. And that’s when we started brainstorming about La Perle.

Does your Haitian culture influence your style?

Our confidence in our style comes from our Haitian culture. Not being afraid to were bright colors, prints, fabrics all comes from watching our bold and confident Haitian mothers get themselves ready everyday.

Why did you decide to do your first pop up shop in Haiti ?

Being in Haiti always feel like we are going home. When ever we post pictures of Haiti we always caption it “Home Sweet Home”. Opening a pop up store felt natural because that’s where our roots are and we want to share our beauty secrets with our Haitian perles. This business has allowed us to embrace our heritage more than ever before. We’ve been able to collaborate with a number of other Haitian talents such as Make up artist Mattie Domingue and Phelicia Dell of VeVe collections.

Karibe Hotel Lobby

What should guest expect at the pop up shop ?

Guest coming to this event can expect a luxurious ambiance as we offer high-end beauty products and Skincare. As we mentioned before we will have VeVe Collections as a vendor as well as a celebrity tattoo artist and piercer. To top it all off we will so have Makeup artist Matti Domigue doing make up demonstrations. There will also be raffles were lucky guest will be getting their make up done on the spot by Matti! And many more surprises that we can’t give away!

Make sure your keeping up with us on social media and our website! The pop-up shop will be in PaP, Haiti at Karibe Hotel Friday, June 12 & Saturday the 13th. Our Hours are from 10am-5pm. We encourage everyone to go to our website at Laperlebeaute.com and follow the links to RSVP.

Any future plans and exclusives you’d like to share with the readers?

Readers should know that we are planning Pop stores in other areas in Haiti like Jacmel and Cap Haitian but it’s up to our Perles to let us know where to go next! Our future plans for La Perle Beaute is to also expand and cater to the entire Antilles.

We want every woman on each island to feel luxurious, confident, and beautiful. We want to hear from you; let us know we’re to go next!

Instagram: @laperlebeaute Attended the Little Haiti Cultural Center’s networking event last night with Consulate of Haiti, Francois Guillaume II and Mrs. Caroline Racine! So proud to have their support and encouragement for @laperlebeaute!!! See you both in June at our pop-up store!


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