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First Conjoined Twins Surgery is A Success In Mirebalais, Haiti


The operation to separate two Siamese girls born November 24, 2014 at the University Hospital of Mirebalais was 100% successful,” announced Dr. Mac Lee Jean Louis, director of Surgery at the HUM upon completing the operation, a first in medicine in Haiti.

He continued with, “the girls are currently in intensive care and in 8 to 10 days we will return them to their parents, if there are no complications,” the doctor said Friday at the end of a delicate operation of about seven hours.

Baby Michelle [left] and Marian [right] after operation
According to instagram page @hopitalbernardmevs

In a historic moment for the Haitian community, four institutions, @Hopital Bernard Mevs @PIH @children’s hospital in LA @gheskio came together to successfully separate conjoined 6 month old twins, at Mirebalais, in Haiti.

The team was led by a pediatric surgeon, Dr. Ford, a specialist in conjoined twins, Dr. Stein and a plastic surgeon, Dr. Panossian, General Surgeons, the Bitar brothers, Dr. Maclee, a pediatrician, Vanessa Rouzier, two anesthesiologists, Dr. Princia and Dr. Pilar and specialists in ICU care and personnel of the Children’s Hospital in LA and Mirebalais also assisted in the surgery. Both twins will lead normal lives thanks to the success of the surgery.

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Haiti’s First Lady and minister of health Sophia Martelly visited the hospital where the conjoined twins were born.
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