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Readers Mail: Beverlie ” I’m 20 & Started A Foundation To Help Children In Haiti”


My name is Beverlie Fleurinay. I am a 20 year old Haitian college student. On spring break I went to Haiti, and I saw children of all ages reuniting in my mother’s backyard to have a meal and at least learn to write their name. My mother opened a makeshift school/kitchen in her backyard where the children who had been orphaned by the earthquake could come to be with other children, receive a meal and an education free of charge.

At least 60 children come each day. I have started a foundation named after my mother, the Myrline Brizard Foundation, to try and raise money to build a real school and an orphanage. At the moment, I been campaigning in my college SUNY New Paltz. I initially held a school supply drive in all 14 dorms because I saw that the children were just passing one notebook around, but I was fortunate enough to get Food, Clothes, and School Supply donations for my 60+ children in Haiti.

I now have at least 15 barrels of stuff. I have not been getting much money donations, so I will be needing help with packaging and shipment cost please donate HERE to help me or share my story. Here is my foundation Facebook page.


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