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[VIDEOS] Fetty Wap “Can’t Nobody Tell Me I’m Not Haitian”

Civil Tv “Welcome to my neighborhood”

I recently posted this story of Fetty Wap, and in the post I highlighted Fetty’s recent rise to success, his Haitian-American background and his love of the Haitian flag. I published the story after an inside source confirmed he was Haitian and I received snapshots of Fetty confirming he was Haitian on various social networks. His consistency in wearing a Haitian flag tied around his head in every picture and performance also made many people believe he had to be Haitian.

After posting the story, it went viral with people posting conflicting comment and interviews from Fetty where he would say he is and in other interview or social network comments he would deny being Haitian.

On Tuesday as Fetty’s celebrate his “Trap Queen” single being announced as the number one single in the country, Haitians were talking about these two interviews posted below from Haitian Americans Karen Civil and  Mackenson Souffrant where Fetty finally had to give a straight forward answer to the question people had been asking for months “Are you Haitian?”

Fast Forward 17:36 of Karen Civil’s  Civil Tv “Welcome to my Neighborhood” interview.

Fast Forward 1:15 of Mackenson Souffrant’s “Lets Sit and Talk”interview.

There you have it, Fetty Wap is not Haitian but he love our culture, history, food and he wears the flag in honor of his daughter’s grandmother who pass.

We have come a long way from people disclaiming us to having superstars claiming they are Haitian and sporting our flag on their head. I’m happy to see him embrace our culture the same way Haitians are open to embracing various other cultures, I just hope Fetty will take his love for our culture further by researching our rich history, visiting our beloved country and seeing its more than just wearing a flag around your head and loving our food.




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