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Beyonce’s Visit To Haiti Causes Mixed Feelings..


On Saturday, as Haitians were preparing to celebrate Compa Fest in Miami and Haitian Flag day on Monday, pictures of Beyonce’s Humanitarian trip with the UN in Haiti went viral.

As the  pictures circulate through the internet with the super star wearing a shirt with the logo of her charity organization, BeyGood, there were mixed feelings about her visit. While many people applauded her visit, others thought it was just another photo opt for her and the UN.

This is not the first time Beyonce have reached out to help Haiti. in 2011, she made a $1 million donation to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund following criticism of her performing at a concert funded by a son of former Libyan leader Muammar el-Qaddafi.


Beyonce was in Haiti recently to check out some of the progress made since the 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck the country five years ago. Haiti U.N. mission spokeswoman Sophie Boutaud de la Combe told The Associated Press Saturday that the pop queen was able to “meet with some of the people who were affected by” the devastating earthquake that claimed as many as 300,000 lives.

The “Flawless” singer was accompanied by Valerie Amos, the United Nations’ humanitarian affairs chief and emergency relief coordinator.

Though the dates of the trip were not disclosed, on Sunday the 20-time Grammy winner posted photos from her visit on social media, alongside the caption “Haiti humanitarian mission” and hashtag “#Beygood.”

The black-and-white and color photographs show the singer wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with the name of her charity, Bey Good, while meeting with doctors and patients at a hospital, touring communities and passing out coloring books to children.

In  this article  from The New York Times, many people were skeptic about Beyonce’s visit and commented on the American Embassy’s Facebook with comments like the ones below,
The American Embassy in Haiti wanted to show a notable visitor — in this case, the pop superstar Beyoncé — some of the progress made since the 2010 earthquake. So it did what many people do: turned to Facebook this weekend to ask for advice from the 119,000 people who have “liked” its page.

It ended up with a lesson in the perils of crowdsourcing, especially for a government whose long history in the country always fires up passions. Many took the occasion to post skepticism with the parade of such celebrity visits and frustration with the pace of rebuilding in Haiti, reflecting the strong sentiment there that things could be a lot better five years later.

“Just another celebrity photo opportunity,” griped one user, La’Keba Garcia, who said she was a frequent visitor to Haiti.

“The us embassy should know better than us, with the usaid project that u pretend to have for helping Haiti,” wrote Sassoue Jean, referring to the United States Agency for International Development, which has received critical reports on its projects in Haiti. “U are not helping Haiti you just dont want us to make progress.”

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  • I think HAITI should be happy that a celebrity came to the country. Haiti needs to see a lot of celebrities, so other countries can see that there is hope for Haiti. Even if it was a PHOTO OP who cares. We need these things. I wish Haitians should stop complaining. They are not helping themselves by complaining. Every time Haiti get’s help, nothing is ever done. I guess it will take people from other countries to help the country since Haitians can’t.

    • Having a celebrity visit a country is not going to help it with development, contribution and resource aid will. For your information many celebrities visit Haiti especially from the US, from actors to politicians(Ben Stiller, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, the Clintons & etc). Why are they there? Most likely to vacation and only a small number of them are there to aid. There is nothing wrong with the country, the capital needs help so quit with the HOPE for Haiti crap. Overall the the country could be better but due to history with Western power houses like France and the US? We’ve been held back from developing IN GENERAL. Clearly you see the problem –>”Every time Haiti get’s help, nothing is ever done.” How can you see that and still be clueless? Wait I can tell exactly what you see…Beyonce, and you’re here to defend the “Bey-hive.” Here we go with things like “We need these things. I wish Haitians should stop complaining.” We? You’re not Haitian and apparently are misinformed. Otherwise you wouldn’t be GUESSING and would actually know what it will take to help the country.

    • It is such a blessing to see the tremendous Changes in Haiti. Recovery from that tragic Experience with the earthquake was a world wide pain which was felt amongst other nations, not only Haitians. The healing process of which has been reported From the media, also with communication with family. Has allowed us as people to keep in touch with the on going progress of Change In the island of Haiti. Yes, it was reported over the years of who donated to the funds of Haiti. Beyonce the famous singer has not only provided but she has put in the actions with showing her care by a thankful, and thoughtful Visit with association to her charity. When people complain about things not getting better or change is not here fast enough. We as readers and listeners must hold on With the main cause which is Reforming The island of Haiti. We must understand that they are many people on the island who are still effected by this tragedy, and yes some are frustrated with how slow things are taking to repair there lives or the lives of their city which has not be repaired yet. Milca I would like to state to you that there are many, many Haitian celebrities who have help and still are with this cause. Milca, image your self over coming something like this, which is out of your control. Would you not complain of the things which were taken from you or replaced with changes due to reconstruction. For you you to make a comment, that Haitian people should not only be happy and appreciated Of the help that they get. As a Haitian American I am very happy to hear and see the much given positive changes in Haiti. I know you have no right to say that no matter what they should not complain with what help they get. Who are you to state who they are by labeling them as a people, by placing us in a subject of settling with assistance. This should encourage the people to want more and seek more that will improve their lives with the given progress. Change is a force, its a movement that makes you wanting more to bettering your daily life. I’m so happy to see the changes in Haiti and respect the ones who have helped and still are. Thank you.

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