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Pitch Your Business: Shark Tank for Haitian Investors

Are you a Haitian business owner looking for an investor?

Inspired by the hit show “Shark’s Tank”, “HRA Investor’s tank” is for entrepreneurs with existing businesses or development projects seeking funding from grantors, Diaspora investors or venture capitalists. Entrepreneurs will pitch their business (within 10 min.) to investors in exchange for equity (or other terms) in order to receive funding. A panel of 5-6 investors with capital of up to $50M have served as judges to assess the quality and likelihood of projects in receiving funding for Haiti’s development.

To date, 16 businesses have pitched in the tank with 3 receiving financial support in amounts up to $500,000. Past entrepreneurs have received probono consulting services and other business development assistance and resources to assist them in their investment initiatives.

To participate, submit a 2-page executive summary (or business plan) including business financials (actual or proposed equity stake etc.). Submissions are to be sent via email, and are due by end of business October 20th.

Judges to be announced soon.

Send the requested information to:
• Mr. Marc Saint Clair, marc@haitiventures.com or
• Dr. Magalie Emile-Backer, magalie.emile@gmail.com

The National Association of Haitian Professionals (NAHP) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded in 2011 to prepare Haitian and other minority students and Professionals for academic success, leadership positions; increase the number of its members in the diverse business community, engage the Haitian Diaspora in development in Haiti, and engage its members in development through pro-bono projects, direct giving and collective action.

The NAHP is a vital resource in the advancement of Haitian and other minority students, professionals, and entrepreneurs; and we are committed to building intellectual and economic wealth within the Haitian and other minority communities through the development of partnerships, networking, and access to resources. – Source 

For conference information visit: http://nahpconference.org


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