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Dawn Richard Uses Her Body To Reveal "BlackHeart" Album Listing


Following her breakup with her group Danity Kane, I’ve been waiting on new music from our Haitian-American songstress. I’m happy to see Dawn staying positive and keeping her focus on her craft.

According to KarenCivil Blog,

It has all ready been two years since Dawn Richard released her solo debut Goldenheartand the crooner is back with second piece to the trilogy. Partnering up with producer Noisecastle II for the 13-track project, Blackheart is inspired by the sounds of trip-hop, electro-pop and soul.


“This album is the most experimental album of my career as well as my biggest risk taker,” she said.

Using her body as a canvas, Dawn revealed her tracklisting by writing the tracks on her hands and just above her breasts. The flicks were released via Instagram. Tickets are on sale now for her album’s release celebration at New York’s Webster Hall on January 22 and The Viper Room in L.A. on February 5.

Blackheart is set to arrive January 15.

See the track-listing Below



Blackheart Tracklisting

1. “Noir”
2. “Calypso”
3. “Blow”
4. “Billie Jean”
5. “Adderal / Sold”
6. “Swim Free”
7. “Titans”
8. “Warriors”
9. “Projection”
10. “Phoenix”
11. “Choices”
12. “The Deep”
13. “Blackheart”

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