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Fan Post: Serginio Petit : From 1.4 to 3.87 GPA


From 1.4 to 3.87 GPA
Graduating Testimony – Fan Post:

“I struggled in school when I was younger, and I’ve failed plenty of times. I can’t remember being the smartest kid in class, and that’s probably because I wasn’t. I stayed back in elementary twice when I was in Haiti, and I watched my little brother who grew up in a different household excels in school. I started 5th grade in Larkdale elementary, and I struggled there. I went to three different Middle Schools: Lauderdale Lakes Middle, Arthur Ashe Middle and Chancellor Charter Middle school, and I struggled in all three of them. I had to go to Esol Meeting and I always refused because it reminded me that I wasn’t at the same level as my peers. I was forced to go to summer school in 8th grade in order for me to graduate. I struggled in High school, and I failed classes. I entered my junior year in high school with a 1.4 Grade Point Average, but I graduated with 2.9 Grade Point Average. I applied to Four Schools: USF, UCF, FAU and FAMU, and I was turned down by the first three schools. I was so discouraged that I didn’t even finished FAMU application until two years later while I was working in Wal-Mart. I worked in Wal-Mart for two years and within those two years; I was promoted three times. I could have gotten comfortable, but it made hungry for more. I started college in 2011 and graduated in 2014. I made the dean’s list every semester and graduated with a 3.87 Grade Point Average. I was the only person in my major to graduate as a Summa Cum Laude.” #JesusDidIt#SummaCumLaude

Serginio Petit

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