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L’union Suite White House Visit with Machal Montano, Dener Ceide, Emeline Michel & More

As president Obama presidency winds down and he prepare to leave the White House, we wanted to share our memorable visit to the White House back in June for their Caribbean-American Heritage Month tenth anniversary celebration. On Wednesday, June 22, 2016, the White House hosted a National Caribbean-American Heritage Month Celebration that featured the people, arts, music, and gastronomy of Caribbean culture.

The celebration at the White House served as an opportunity to reflect on the important contributions of Caribbean-Americans to the United States. The panel discussions featured prominent figures from the Caribbean discussed topics such as the influence of people of Caribbean origins on the U.S. cultural landscape. The performances which felt like a Caribbean fusion of Soca, Rara, Jazz and Kompa by legendary Carribean artists like Machel Montano, Etienne Charles, Emeline Michel and more definitely bought the white house town. Read the full story here.

Here are a few clips of the performances.

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