#FALLing for Fashion: 8 Tips to Fashion on a Budget

Fall Fashion

By Fashion Blogger Marjorie Eldira

With the fall season upon us, there is no doubt that the forest green, burgundy, nude and pale pink will begin rolling out. For the Floridians, we are not as lucky as the folks up north to bring out the fur coats and high knee boots, but we will take our 70-degree weather to rock our fall fashion. If you are anything like me, one of your beloved past times is looking at Pinterest, fashion blogs and stalking your ultimate blogger’s websites and social media for outfit inspirations.

Granting, this can be enjoyable, but if you are a college student and aiming to save those coins, it may be heartbreaking since you can barely afford all your textbooks much less a Fendi: B Bag. When you take a look at most fashion blogs, for the most part, are designer clothing, accessories and expensive jeans. Regardless of the price tag or the brand, let’s remember style is style. Whether you spend $3 or $300 on an outfit, fashion is for every single one of us.

8 Tips to Fashion on a Budget:

1)    Type of Look

Let’s start with are you the type of person who would want to spend $200 on two glitzy dresses from Bloomingdales or would you want 20 ten dollar dresses from Target?

There is no right answer because either way can work but the majority of people want the more expensive but instead buy the inexpensive clothing. If you are like me, you find something you love but don’t buy it because it is too pricey and you go online to see if you can get somewhere else for less.

Take a minute and decide on your fashion and what you want.

2)    Review your Closet

We tend to accumulate and hold on to clothes that we never or rarely used. It is imperative to take some time to face your closet and analyze.

Do you have a ton of black things but no blue?

What about shoes? Majority sandals?

What about hoarding 50 t-shirts with no dressy clothes?

Decide on how you want your wardrobe to look, go through and locate what fits your vision and what doesn’t. Get rid of things that have been in your closet for years or revamp it to your liking.

3)    Toss or Sell

If you have items, you do not wear or use, you may want to consider selling them. There is a surplus amount of platforms that allow you to do so such as eBay or Plato’s Closet. You may not make back nearly as much, but you’ll have money in your pocket afterward. I’ve done this with Plato’s Closet and the ones they didn’t want I donated.

4)    Classics

Make up your dream wardrobe by writing down the fashion items that would make this up. It is a small closet full of quality clothes that fit that makes you look so much better than a large closet full of old, ill-fitting clothes.

For a woman, a classic is a little black dress.

For a guy, a great fitting suit.

The classic look can be accessorized and can pull a wardrobe together.

For me, a classic is dark blue jeans. It’s as simple as dressing it up for a night out or chill games night with friends. These classics will last rain or shine and be taken all over the world.

5)    Budget and Online Shop

Set a spending goal per month that works for you. Once you set that limit, stick to it. Shop online versus going into the stores. Online always offers great deals, and it is excellent for those who know their sizes. It works out most of the time. Most people will prefer not to shop online due to the act if something doesn’t fit, the hassle to return the items, and ship it out can add more coins to the process.

Always look for free shipping sales and the option to return to your local store to save shipping costs.

6)   Shop Out

Start your list and get the vital items like a black tank top, hit up Targets, Old Navy, and other mid-priced stores. When you shop out it is imperative you always make sure to check the clearance rack; this should be your best friend.

Many other regularly shop stores can be a hit or miss, the TJMaxx or Ross type of stores, but those racks can be a drag, and you must have the patience.

Check out a few thrift stores near you because you never know until you try it.

7)    Take a friend

If you are the type of person who is tempted to overspend and go over budget, take your best friend with you to hold you accountable, try not to endure the friend who will do the opposite. A suggestion is to grab only cash and leave the credit cards at home.

8)    Value

Once you realize the value does not come from your awesome new dress or that gorgeous necklace you will realize authentic value. When I went to college, I was so consumed by what people were wearing and did everything to change my wardrobe. But a key note to remember is the clothes will not make you a different person and won’t change the person inside.

Now that you received the eight tips take it and run with it and hope you’re lucky. I’ve rounded up a couple of budget-friendly fashion looks for the fall with a touch of “Burgundy.” You will be inspired no matter how much money you have to spend.

Model: @marjo_e
Head wrap:  @wrapsbybijoux
Top & Sweater: Target
Pants: Rainbow
Shoes: Gifted

Fall Fashion

Model: @juste_cuz
Suit: Groupon
Shoes: Amazon

Fall Fashion

Model: @justruthena_
Dress:  Go Jane
Shoes: $9.88 Shoe Store

Fall Fashion

Model: @justruthena_
Dress & Sweater:  Forever 21
Shoes: $9.88 Shoe Store

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