Instastyle: 5 Haitian Style Bloggers You Should Be Following

Haitian Style Bloggers
5 Haitian Style Bloggers You Should Follow

By Style Blogger Felicia Bridgewater

Amongst their multitude of creative attributes, Haitian women are well known for their vibrant, bold, and expressive style. Style bloggers from all around the world are conveying their rich heritage with us through means of attire and design. Read on to discover five Haitian insta-cuties that will brighten up your feed, your closet, and most importantly, your day.

Haitian Style Bloggers

Tarah-Lynn (@adornedinarmor on Instagram)

Tarah-Lynn is a girl boss with an infectiously confident attitude. She is a freelance YouTuber, blogger, and serves as a Fashion Writer for Teen Vogue.

Three words that describe Tarah-Lynn’s style: Bold, elegant, and vibrant.

How being Haitian influences Tarah-Lynn’s style: “Oftentimes, Haitians are seen in a negative light. From the media, to peers throwing our ethnicity around as if it’s an insult. We’re looked down upon and considered poor and hopeless. However, my Haitian heritage has influenced my style in showcasing to the world just how rich we actually are. Rich in quality, rich in beauty, rich in life. I love colors. I love being vibrant. I love the multidimensionality of being Haitian-American and I illustrate it through my bold fashion sense.”

Haitian Style Bloggers
Lissa Mathieu

Lissa Mathieu (@iamplusblog on Instagram)

Lissa is a shining example of what body confidence looks like! This NY-based beauty proudly highlights her natural curves and Haitian culture.

Three Words That Describe Lissa’s Style: Effortless, polished, and glamorous.

How Being Haitian Influences Her Style: “Growing up in Haiti, my mother used to make sure that everywhere me and my sisters went, we were dressed to the nines. We always looked like we were going somewhere important to meet some kind of royal family.  She was a seamstress and made most of our clothes.  Our outfits were always diverse. Compared to other kids within our community (i.e.church, in our neighborhood, uniform for school, etc.) what we wore was always somewhat different. I used to hear her tell us all the time that dressing well was a form of good manners. This mentality stayed with me growing up. As I migrated to the U.S., I still show out (almost) everywhere I go.”

Haitian Style Bloggers
Tallie Dubois

Tallie Dubois (@madame.vogue on Instagram)

Mommy-blogger, Tallie, is an inspiration! She grabs motherhood by the horns and slays while doing it.

Three Words That Describe Tallie’s Style: Sophisticated, alluring, and chic.

How Being Haitian Influences Her Style: “ I grew up in a time where being Haitian wasn’t cool and I was constantly bullied for it. That’s why today I’m so passionate about my heritage, and I wear Haïti on my back. I represent no matter where I go. Being Haitian influences my fashion in many ways. I love buying Haitian-inspired art, clothing pieces, and additionally supporting Haitian business by buying clothing from Haitian designers and boutiques directly in Haiti. Haitians are so artistic and influential. Whenever I go to Haiti, you see art and fashion everywhere from the handmade shoes, to a unique selection in skirts. It’s so inspiring and beautiful! I think being Haitian nurtures that artistic style side of me and feeds me constantly. Haitians are fly people and we’re constantly pushing boundaries in the fashion world.”

Haitian Style Bloggers

Lisa (@lisaalamode on Instagram)

Lisa’s Instagram feed is hot-hot-hot with the latest and greatest in beauty, fashion, and pop culture! On any given day, Lisa is sharing helpful natural hair tips, her personal twist on the latest fashion trends, or her favorite beauty product.

Three Words That Describe Lisa’s Style: Eclectic, dynamic, and creative.

Lisa’s Best Style Tips: “Be free – allow yourself to step out of your comfort-zone. Also, don’t be afraid of working with a stylist. I’ve worked with a stylist last month for one session, and that one session really opened my eyes and empowered me to push boundaries. It wasn’t expensive, either! If you really want to up your style game, find a local stylist who can help “shop your closet,” and create outfits for you. It’s a time and money-saver in the end.”

Haitian Style Bloggers

Cindy (@iampriiincesss on Instagram)

Cindy (aka. Priiincesss) portrays herself as an all-around island gal. With her writing styles combined with her snapshots, one can sense her bright and ambitious personality.

Three Words That Describe Cindy’s Style: Professional, flirty, and fun.

Cindy’s Biggest Style Inspiration: “I have a few style influences, but my biggest style inspiration is the one-and-only, Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and The City. I mean, the girl is FLY! I’ve cultivated almost everything that I know about fashion just from watching the show.”

 “Felicia is a New York born, Haitian & Trinidadian gal with a vibrant sense of style and matching personality. In 2013, she began creating fashion videos in her high school bedroom and quickly fell in love with the blogging world. She is now a freelance blogger and YouTuber focused on creating captivating and helpful content about fashion, travel, hair and beauty. In joining the L’Union Suite as a freelance blogger, Felicia hopes to further explore the journalism industry and her Haitian roots.”
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