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Fashion Pick: VèVèlle "Luxury Silk Scarves" By Al Semerville


Whether the calendar says it’s fall, spring, winter or summer, a scarf is always a tasteful and wise choice to add to your wardrobe. And while women across the globe wear scarves, it is also nice accessory worn by men. If your not a fan of scarf, you might want to consider welcoming scarves into your signature style. You can wear them as a simple accessory, a layer of warmth or a touch of color.

Looking for a Haitian American company to purchase your latest scarf you should try Vevelle.

VèVèlle, which was founded by art enthusiast Al Semerville is a new fashion line with an exclusive collection of luxury silk scarves inspired by the beauty and the warmth of the Caribbean culture. The collection includes stunning pieces such as Mermaid’s Dream, Peacock’s Exuberance, Crossing the Gate, Spirit of Love, Papillons de la Saint-Jean, Precious Hibiscus. All the designs are carefully selected to suit the needs of an eclectic clientele.

VèVèlle scarves are made of 100% silk twill, chiffon or georgette. They are available in various sizes. If you need an accessory to add charm and sophistication to your look, don’t hesitate to grab a VèVèlle scarf.

Who is Al Semerville?

Al was born in Haiti to a Haitian mother and a Haitian-Cuban father, Al Semerville was exposed, at an early age, to fashion due to his parents’ dressmaking and tailoring abilities. His love for exquisite garments was as intense as his passion for performing arts. Indeed, he not only spent his teenage years enjoying the intricacies of couture, but he also managed to learn theater improvisation, writing and directing as well. Then, later, he worked as a magazine reporter, radio broadcaster and French teacher before moving permanently to the US. Although Al Semerville spent years working in the IT industry, he has always dreamed of using fashion as a vehicle to showcase the hidden treasures of the Haitian and the Caribbean culture. After the devastating 2010 Haiti’s earthquake, Al put his dream in motion and three years later, Vevelle was born.

“We’re excited to share with the fashion connoisseurs, a collection of vibrant, colorful, elegant and timeless scarves,” said Al Semerville, the founder of VèVèlle. These works of art embody a keen sense of style and impressive craftsmanship.”

In the near future, VèVèlle will broaden its repertoire to include beach wear.

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    This fine work of art is manufactured in Italy on lightweight silk twill with a hand rolled hem. Size 28 inches by 84 inches.
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    This lush and pulsating scarf can be worn with essentially any outfit for a more fashionable look. The soft, luxurious floral print features a hibiscus petal motif with a green backdrop. The red color and pattern in this scarf will show off your inner beauty and make you feel as pretty as can be. #vevellefashion vevelle.com .
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