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Haitian American Artist Tracy Guiteau “Fine, Art & Fashion”


Remember the artist who drew this beautiful picture of me, here is some more information about her and her artwork.

Taste of Singer Island” Opening Event – March 27, 2014

With an innate desire to create beautiful things, New York born Tracy Guiteau headed for Providence Rhode Island to attend the renowned Rhode Island School Design where she received a BFA degree in Fashion Design in 2007. During her training at RISD she traveled internationally to learn, broaden her artistic experience in the arts of fashion at the University of Westminster in London.  Guiteau has been working on her artistic voice since 1985.

Her work has become more and more of an essential part of her being. Her work has the soul of a revolutionary and is a self-portrait of her life, which means it is consistently evolving and changing to answer to the evolution of a creative mind. Each piece of fabric and brush stroke exposes an unseen part from within. The simplicity of color and hidden messages throughout her paintings best expresses who she is.

Her art is created so that her viewers imagination can explore a world where their mind can wonder but still be reminded by her message. So then the piece becomes each individuals unique interpretation.

To follow and see more of her work, visit her website here.

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