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Haitian Rapper to Watch: Monk


Name: Monk

Location: Miami, FL

Where did you grow up?: Lil Haiti in Miami

Your Favorite Artist: 2PAC Shakur

Most Recent Song or Video: Monk X What You Know 

How many EPs, mixtapes, and albums do you have under your belt?:

I don’t have any mixtape or features yet, just singles.

What influences your music? : A little bit of everything that happens to me or around me. I take my real emotions, circumstances and feelings and convert them into music everyone can relate to.

Your Favorite lyric from from music: “Success gon’ change you, but you gotta change to get successful”

Upcoming Project?: I have an EP in the works right now. It’s called reflections, it should be here in the next few months.

Out of all your music you have made what songs you feel are your favorites: “What you know” and “Evolutions”

If you could deliver one message to the Haitian music public what would it be? It’s time for our people to rise up and unify. Were all different in our own ways but were the same when were listening to and enjoying music. Peace. Love. Respect.Happiness.

Instagram: @Mirro_Monk and @Mirrormuzik 
Twitter: @Mirror_Monk
Website: www.mirrormuzik.com 
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/mirrormuzik


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