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Haitian Rapper to Watch: P. Phileston


Name : Peter “P. Phileston” Phileston

Location : (Long Island) Elmont, NY #Exit13

Where did you grow up? : (Long Island) Elmont, NY

Favorite Artist : Jay – Z

Most recent song or video : Single, “Girl I’m Zoe” http://youtu.be/gY3rRy8o7t0

How many EP’s, mixtapes, and albums do you have under your belt? None (Currently working on my first project)

What influence your music : The Bible, my family, my personal experiences, & great music.

Your favorite lyric from music :

“Karma added interest to your outstanding loans/you passed away, so we’re left paying off that debt you owed” This line is from a song I wrote titled, “Sort Of Like You”, which happens to be my favorite song. My father did a lot of cruel things while alive, I feel like his descendants are still paying for his mistakes.

Upcoming project : I am currently working on my first project titled, “Irrational Thoughts”.

Out of all your music you have made, what songs you feel are your favorite :

“Sort Of Like You”, it’s a self reflection type of song. I realized that I was becoming the one person I didn’t want to be, my father. This song helped me realize I was being a hypocrite.

If you could deliver one message to the Haitian music public, what would that be :

Well, my message would be to the entire Haitian population; Love one another the way we love, to go plates after an aksyion de gras, haha. All jokes aside, too often I overhear Haitian’s complaining about either doing business with, or getting along with Haitians. We NEED to change that.

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