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Happy Haitian Flag Day From Me & My Readers


Pascal Pierre Louis wearing his Marron apparel line. 

Today is Haitian Flag Day and one of the most exciting days for all Haitians everywhere to show their love and pride for our beautiful country of Haiti. Expect to see cars, houses and Haitians sporting their flag and red white and blue attire throughout your city.  Here on Lunionsuite.com we have been celebrating Haitian Heritage all month and here are a few of my readers who have submitted their pictures showing their Haitian pride.


My name is Angela Maxime Charles. I graduated from Florida State with a degree in Political Science and Literature. Go NOLES!

Hello, My name is Carline Smothers I just started a Tee Shirt business Zoebeautee and would like to share my pride as a Haitian born in America. Thank you!

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