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Images From Dominica’s World Creole Music Festival

Disip Gazzman at World Creole Music FestivalThanks to Largeup for these great pictures from the event:

The World Creole Music Festival is an international showcase for the homegrown music genres of the Creole-speaking world, and one of the most unique music festivals in the Caribbean. The annual fest brings together zouk bands from Guadeloupe, compas singers from Haiti, and Dominica’s own kadans and bouyonstars, along with a handful of performers from the broader Caribbean, including, of course, Jamaica. Acts from French Africa and Louisiana’s Cajun country have also performed.The is year’s Creole Music Festival pays Homage to Jeff Joseph and celebrates Sweeter at Sixteen.  Read About  The Festival Here


Disip Gazzman at World Creole Music Festival
Gazzman and the crowd couldn’t get enough of each other.
Thierry Marthely at WCMF
France-based Martinican zouk star Thierry Marthély performs on the festival’s opening night.


Thierry Marthely
Marthély, brother of Jean-Philippe Marthély of zouk legends Kassav, gets his point across


Tarrus Riley at the World Creole Music Festival
Tarrus Riley performed just about all of his hits in a hour-long set, but the high point may just have been his cover of Michael Jackson’s “Human Nature”


Dean Fraser
Legendary Jamaican sax man Dean Fraser is Tarrus Riley’s bandleader and the producer responsible for first putting Riley on the map. Live, Fraser is the Clarence Clemons to Tarrus’ Springsteen, stealing the show at times.


Mitchum "Khan" Chin
Mitchum “Khan” Chin holds down Tarrus Riley on guitar


Roberto Martino, frontman for Haitian kompas band T-Vice, catches a groove
Edwin Yearwood and Khiomal Nurse of Krosfyah. The Bajan soca band’s set was easily the festival’s most athletic. In addition to Krosfyah originals, the group also covered recent soca hits like Kerwin Dubois’ “Bacchanalist”
Disip Gazzman at World Creole Music Festival
DiSIP is one of the top new acts on the Haitian compas scene. Gazzman Couleur, former lead vocalist for Nu-Look, is the group’s charismatic frontman. He dedicated his opening-night set to deceased Dominican music legend Jeff Joseph, the “Black Icon” referenced on his T-shirt.


Damian vertical
Closing-night performer Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley made his first-ever Dominica appearance at this year’s WCMF.
Damian Jr. Gong Marley at the World Creole Music Festival
Marley opened his set, notably, with his Skrillex collaboration “Make It Bun Dem”
Philip Winter James
Keyboardist Phillip “Winter” James, keeping things in sync

Flagman Donovan at the World Creole Music Festival

Shiah Coore

Damian Marley

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