Fade to Flower : I Am Kreyol featured at Oxford London Fashion Week


Written by Taylor Hannon

In Buddhist symbolism the lotus is symbolic of purity of the body, speech, and mind while rooted in the mud. Its flowers blossom on long stalks as if floating above the muddy waters of attachment and desire. The lotus flower is elegant in beauty and peaceful in nature making it such a unique embellishment this world possesses. Similar to the lotus flower, I Am Kreyol is a brand stitched with with ultimate opulence with a rich personality. The use of beautifully textured dresses with patterns that mimic the beauties of mother earth stun all who dare glance. Reminding all to stay humble and focus on developing inner peace.

Designer Joelle Jean-Fontaine is a master in her craft, using rich colors and loud patterns to help distinct her work from the rest. Joelle is from Boston, and uses some of her surrounding landscapes to inspire her work. Her brand I Am Kreyol is a company that encompases all things fashion; with a ready-to-wear clothing line that provides styling services for magazines, music artists, & of course all of her loyal clientele. As a young woman, she aspired to be an architect. While in her second year of college, she soon became pregnant and decided to place her passions aside to take care of her growing family. She was a stay at home mom for three years, during which she started to experiment through a variety of creative outlets to maintain her sense of self.

As a hobby, she began taking clothing apart and putting them back together, teaching her how to sew and design items that she says she had only previously seen within her inner subconscious. She has placed years of hard work into her craft, with help from her mother and family she has taken her dreams to the next level. Her company is a hit, her designs are superb and she has been cordially invited to debut her newest collection in Oxford Fashion Studios London Fashion Week.


I Am Kréyol’s Spring 2018 line, The Lotus Collection, is a well curated ensemble of looks that incorporates over exaggerated structural design elements such as bouffant sleeves and bustled tails with full length sheer skirts. The collection philosophy represents the lotus flower and its audacity to grow in unfavorable environments, how its beauty conquers all obstacles seen throughout. It illustrates a woman’s tenacity to be strong, resilient and powerful in the midst of adversity.

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