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Miami Event: 3rd Annual Fundraising Gala & Cultural Showcase “Au Crepuscule”!

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Au Crepuscule is an indulging night of nostalgic culture filled of performing arts, Haitian cuisine, awards, raffles, guest speakers and many more cultural expressions. We will reminisce the different events and activities hosted by the organization throughout the past year and will give recognition to our supporters of their active commitment for the continued success to SOLEY INC and therefore Haiti. Funds raised will contribute to our trip to Atlanta, Georgia in April of 2015th for the 17th Annual National Haitian Student Alliance Student Conference.

Our honored guests at “Au Crepuscule” are Keynote Speaker, Ms. Eveline Pierre, Executive Director of Haitian Heritage Museum; Mistress of Ceremony, Ms. Tico Armand, Haitian Supermodel; Zetwal Kreyol, Haitian Folkloric Choir Band among many other acts of the night will surely give you a night to remember!

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